12-Hour Light Sticks (20 Sticks).

12-Hour Light Sticks (20 Sticks).
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Product Description

These 12–Hour Light Sticks (20ct) supply instant and long lasting light in an emergency. Light sticks provide a bright green illumination for up to 12 hours without the uncertainty of relying on battery operated light sources or the danger of using an open flame. For safety, they can be used to warn or signal in darkness and can provide critical light in an evacuation. These light sticks are non–toxic, non–flammable, and weatherproof.12–hour light sticks are compact and lightweight, making them easy to store in any emergency kit or to take along on–the–go. Add extra light sticks to your LifeSecure Emergency Kits for additional light and safety.

Contents:  20 ct – 12–Hour Light Sticks.

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