2/12/75 Amp Battery Charger

2/12/75 Amp Battery Charger
Item# NR_1677823

Product Description


  • Quick start battery charger for car, truck, marine, RV, deep cycle, farm equipment, motorcycle and lawn tractor batteries

  • Both cold and heat affect your battery's ability to hold a charge and start engines. That's why you need an EverStart battery charger. It's an important part of your vehicle's regular maintenance.

  • Battery problems can happen without warning. When they occur, it's handy to have a battery charger to help get you on the go again. In winter, your battery's power decreases while your vehicle's need for starting power increases.

  • A fully charged battery has 100% starting power at 80F. As the temperature drops, so does the starting power. In the summer, rising temperatures and heat build-up under the hood can cause batteries to run down. Nice weather means shorter trips and more of them. This often means the alternator does not have the time to fully recharge the battery.


    - Fully automatic - will not overcharge batteries
    - 75 amp engine start
    - 12 amp fast charge
    - 2 amp trickle charge
    - For 12 volt batteries


    - Factory Serviced 90 Day Warranty