6" Electric Bench Grinder - UL

6" Electric Bench Grinder - UL
Item# FW_466

Product Description

Bench Grinders are used in the metal or machine shops for sharpening, shaping and forming of mostly metal items. Whether sharpening lawn mower blades, chisels, drill bits or gardening shears, they are a must for most shops. Perfect for grinding or deburring project and keeping your drill bits, chisels, shears and more in tip top condition.


  • UL Aproved
  • Full Ball Bearing
  • Direct Drive Motor, No Brushes or Belts To Adjust or Replace
  • Permanently Lubricated Motor Bearings For Long Life
  • Adjustable Tool Rest
  • Removable Well Cover
  • Accommodates Wire Wheel or Buffing Wheel


    - Voltage: 110 Vlt
    - Frequency: 60 Hz
    - No-Load: 3,450 rpm
    - Motor: 1/2 HP
    - 2.68 Amp
    - 1 Phase
    - 1/2" Arbor


  • 1 Pc 6"x3/4" Fine Grinding Wheel
  • 1 Pc 6"x3/4" Coarse Grinding Wheel

  • Weight: 30 Lbs.