Educational Insights 7880 Eggspert

 Educational Insights 7880 Eggspert
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Product Description

Spice up classroom management and practice math facts, spelling, history, science terms anything in your curriculum with this clever, motivating answer system. Powered by an AC adapter or batteries (not included). Eggspert features two modes of operation:

Jeopardy Mode:Each of the half-dozen Eggspert lights connects to an Answer Button held by a student. After hearing a question, students who want to answer squeeze their Answer Buttons. The fastest 'squeeze' lights up the corresponding 'egg' light and the question goes to that student.

Wheel of Fortune Mode: The teacher squeezes the Control Button setting Eggspert's lights into 'motion.' The eggs light up in sequence, blinking and beeping one at a time, first rapidly and gradually slower and s-l-o-w-e-r, until only one egg remains lit. The student (or team of students) assigned that color answers a question or completes an activity.

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