Gund Boo- World's Cutest Dog from Gund 9in

 Gund Boo- World's Cutest Dog from Gund 9in
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Product Description

Huggable and undeniably cute, the GUND BOO plush toy makes the ideal gift for dog lovers of all ages. Designed for children aged one year and older, this soft dog offers maximum cuddliness. Whether or not you're a Facebook fan of the real-life Pomeranian Boo, this plush version will work hard to convince you BOO deserves the tagline of World's Cutest Dog.

Is BOO the World's Cutest Dog?

With plenty of attention to detail, GUND BOO evokes the playfulness of the Facebook superstar. An ideal gift for fans of the real-life Boo, this well-coiffed Pomeranian plush toy has a fluffy tail, adoring eyes, hard plastic nose, and friendly smile.

Children will love that BOO's hind legs bend slightly, making it look as if the dog is always ready to run, jump, and play.

Size, Design Ideal for Young Children

This toy dog has all the softness and huggability needed to become a favorite cuddle partner of children and adults alike. Ideally sized for children, the toy will inspire your toddler to take it on adventures and to pet the toy's soft fur.

Our young tester took an instant liking to GUND BOO, dragging the toy around the house and even taking it to bed. Parents should be aware that dirt shows up easily on BOO's light-colored fur, but the toy can be hand washed