Bruder MB Sprinter Animal Transporter Including 1 Horse

 Bruder MB Sprinter Animal Transporter Including 1 Horse
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Product Description

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter universal application combined with a wide variety of upper bodies make it indispensable in trade, the building industry, for local authorities (police, fire and rescue), as well as for landscaping. The livestock transporter features a state-of-the-art species appropriate box body with a variable interior partition wall and 2 water troughs. The ramp can be folded down for loading and unloading horses. Ramp lattices ensure that the animals can be guided gently on and off the vehicle. A true to scale horse is included. Additional horses (#02306) are available. Maximum horse capacity is 2. Highlights include front and rear windshield, doors that can be opened, folding roof, mounting adapter for front-mounted equipment and profiled tires. Upper body features: split side door that can be opened, fold down stairs, tailgate usable for animal loading, 2 fold-down ramp gates, rotating partition wall and 2 feed troughs, suitable for 2 horses (1 horse included).