AEI 1000W Inverter

AEI 1000W Inverter
Item# NU_GC1000

Product Description

AEI 1000W Inverter
The GC-1000: The GC-1000 is a 1KW DC-to-AC grid-tied inverter designed for residential and commercial on-site power generation systems. Manufactured for both indoor and outdoor use, this complete inverter package meets all code requirements and provides maximum efficiency, reliability, and ease of installation. The inverter can be purchased as a single unit or as part of a packaged system which includes a string combiner, GFI protection, and DC and AC disconnects. An optional interactive data monitor is also available.

Standard Features of the GC-1000

1000 Watt, single-phase AC output at 25C Peak efficiency of 93% with DC input range of 52 to 92 Volts * Maximum Power Point Tracking over input range of 55-70 VDC input range No-load power consumption of only 2.4 Watts Night time losses eliminated by using control power from PV array Meets UL 1741 and IEEE 929 guidelines in preventing anti-islanding and detecting over/under frequency and voltage shifts Automatically limits array current at high temperatures. UL Listed, NEC Article 690-compliant Reliability by Design

Standard outdoor-rated enclosure Innovative thermal design requires no fans and maximizes efficiency Removable casing allows for easy installation Rugged, industrial-rated components with low inverter parts count Standard five-year warranty Certified by the California Energy Commission Approved for Utility Interconnection by The New York State Public Service Commission Optional Code Compliant Package System

The inverter can be purchased as a single unit or as part of a package system including a string combiner, GFI protection, DC and AC disconnects.

String Combiner

Detachable outdoor-rated combiner housing allows for wiring flexibility and alternate DC disconnect location Fused 10 amp, six input combiner accepts up to #8 AWG wire from each string Six string combiner inputs allow for a wide range of PV module configurations/power

GFI, DC/AC Disconnects, and Surge Protection

Tandem DC/GFI Disconnect disables the array under system ground fault conditions (meets requirements of NEC Article 690-5 for the residential rooftop installations) Optional AC Disconnect provides means for local inverter output disconnect Weatherproof disconnect boot allows easy access for fault isolation and servicing AC Silicon oxide surge protector required for warranty coverage

Specifications DC Input

Input Range* - 48 V/60 V MPP nominal; 100 V max. Operating Input Range - 52 to 92 VDC standard; 44 to 75 VDC low volatge version Utility Feedback Current - 15 A max. Array Short-Circuit Current - 25 A max. total

AC Output

Output Volatge - 120 V nominal; 106 to 127 VAC operating Output Frequency - 60 Hz nominal; 59.5 to 60.5 Hz operating Output Current - 8.0 A max.; < 5% THD


Temp. Range - -40 to +60C Efficiency - 93% max. Tare Losses - 2.4 Watt Mechanical

Weight - 43 lbs. net, 45 lbs. ship Dimensions - 19"x8"x6.5" inverter alone Dimensions - 28.5"x8"x6.5" with string combiner Enclosure - Outdoor Rated

*Low input voltage (36 V nominal) version available. †220/240 V, 50 Hz versions also available