Allergen Proof Travel Kit (Twin Mattress Cover)

Allergen Proof Travel Kit (Twin Mattress Cover)
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Product Description

The next time you go away, don't leave your allergy protection at home. For your next vacation, business trip, or for your child's summer camp, we've put together a convenient travel kit. Complete with 2 standard Pristine Complete pillow covers (one is free for a limited time only), a flat Pristine Complete allergy mattress cover, a Snuggable lapthrow in Navy, and a Pristine Complete travel pillow cover, this kit fulfills all of your allergy protection needs for the bed away from home.

Washing Instructions for Pristine Fabric:
May be washed in hot water (up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit) in the washing machine without any reduction in comfort or effectiveness. Do not use bleach.
The Pristine covers may then be dried in the dryer on the Permanent Press setting (not the highest heat).
The covers only need to be washed once or twice a year, but could be washed more frequently if needed. Normally, more frequent washings are not needed.

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  • Warranty: 90days