Animals TrackEasy1 GPS Tracker

Animals TrackEasy1 GPS Tracker
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Product Description

Product Description

NOW WITH FREE!!!! INTERNET TRACKING PLATFORM!!! THIS BEATS ALL OTHER OFFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE COMPARE THE CONTENT: TrackEasy1, LEATHER CASE, AC/DC CHARGER, CAR CHARGER, USB-CABLE, CD WITH MANUAL and FULL SOFTWARE PACKAGE FOR REAL TIME TRACKING AND CONFIGURATION!! NO CONTRACT!! YOU CAN ALSO GET A FULL(!) TrackEasy SERVER TRACKING SOFTWARE FOR YOUR SERVER - PLEASE ASK FOR DETALS Secure your pet - tracking - geofence Secure your child - tracking - geofence Secure your car - tracking - geofence Secure your luggage - tracking - geofence Data Logger - Photo Software - connects your digital foto with the location and google earth. Where are your company cars? Where are your employees? You want to track yourself at jogging, biking or other sports? Lots of accessories available on request - waterproof package, magnet case, hard case, pet collar, battery,invisible car adaptor, multi use charger, etc., etc. You need a GSM SIM card to get data sent to your PC or server. Features: 1. GPS SIRF-Star III chipset: it can fast fix the position even at a weak signal status. 2. Quad-band frequency: GPRS/GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ. 3. Can be communicated via phone call, SMS or GPRS either. 4. Real-Time tracking. 5. Independent SOS button: it can send out exact location for immediate rescue/action, it also can send GPS information via SMS for 1 to 5 preset numbers. 6. The tracker can report the position under ordered-frequency and work in interval-based power saving mode. 7. The Tracker can be controlled ON & OFF by the monitor after the system set via SMS. 8. Low battery notification before the battery runs out. 9. Temperature abnormal alarm function to avoid Tracker from the dangerous situation. 10. Geo-fence alarm, setup of geo-fence areas in case of lost/stolen. 11. Speed limit alarm 12. Multi-user management on website. (GPRS mode or SMS modem mode)

  • GPS SIRF-Star III -fast fixing the position even at weak signal status. Device offers many unique features: receive Phone call, SMS, or GPRS requests
  • State of The Art Web Tracking Platform, Secure Website. Various Notification Alert Settings to choose from. Instant Notification by: Phone call, SMS(text message), Email
  • Customer Service Live Support: 24/7/365
  • Package Includes: AnimalsGPS TrackEasy1 GPS Tracker, 1199mAh Li-Ion Battery, Manual, Recovery Package, Ac/Dc Charger, Auto/Vehicle Charger

  • Condition: Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90 days