Apple Software Mac OS X v10.6.3 Snow Leopard - Single User (MC573Z/A)

Apple Software Mac OS X v10.6.3 Snow Leopard - Single User (MC573Z/A)
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Product Description

Mac OS X is the worlds most advanced operating system. Built on a rock-solid UNIX foundation and designed to be simple and intuitive, its what makes the Mac innovative, highly secure, compatible, and easy to use. Quite simply, there is nothing else like it.

Refined, not reinvented.
Mac OS X is renowned for its simplicity, its reliability, and its ease of use. So when it came to designing Snow Leopard, Apple engineers had a single goal: to make a great thing even better. They searched for areas to refine, further simplify, and speed up — from little things like ejecting external drives to big things like installing the OS. In many cases, they elevated great to amazing. Here are just a few examples of how your Mac experience was fine-tuned.

The Dock in Mac OS X provides fast, one-click access to frequently used applications, folders, files, and even downloads from the Internet. The Finder makes working with your files and documents as easy as browsing your iTunes library.

What is the Dock?
The Dock at the bottom of the screen gives you quick access to your most frequently used applications, files, and folders. With its visually appealing, high-resolution icons, the Dock practically begs to be clicked. When you do, your applications spring to life instantly, and a bright signal tells you which applications are open. You can also use Exposé from the Dock to instantly see all the open windows for an application.

  Introducing the Finder.
The Finder is like home base for your Mac. Represented by the blue icon with the smiling face, its one of the first things you see when you start working on your Mac. It lets you organize and access practically everything on your Mac, including applications, files, folders, discs, and shared drives on your network. You can also see rich, high-quality previews of the contents of your files. The Finder takes full advantage of the advanced technologies in Mac OS X — such as 64-bit support and Grand Central Dispatch — so it responds more quickly to your actions.
Instantly view all open windows in stunning style with a single keystroke. Exposé unshuffles overlapping windows on your desktop into an organized thumbnail view, so you can quickly locate and switch to any window or get to any file on the desktop.

All-new: Exposé in the Dock.
Exposé not only tiles all your open windows, it also lets you view the open windows of a particular application. For example, say youre a Keynote maestro and often have up to a dozen documents open at the same time. Exposé makes finding the one you need incredibly easy. Just click and hold the Keynote icon in the Dock, and Exposé tiles your Keynote windows while causing the windows of other applications to fade away. The clutter cleared, you can easily find the document you need. A click makes it the active window, and pressing the Space bar gives you a full-screen preview of the window. Prefer keyboard shortcuts? You can tile application windows with a keystroke, too.

Return to your desktop.
Theres one more feature in Exposé. Press one key to push all the windows aside, giving you instant access to your desktop. Once you grab what you need, another keypress brings all the windows back. Want to open a document? Check to see if the CD or DVD youre burning in the background is ready? Or quickly locate and drag a file into an email as an enclosure? Exposé makes it easy.

Instantly preview the contents of your documents without ever opening them. Flip through multipage PDFs and Microsoft Office documents, watch full-screen video, view photo slideshows, and more. With a single click.

Opening files is so last year.
Quick Look is the innovative technology that gives you a sneak peek of entire files — even multiple-page documents and video — without opening them. All you have to do is select a file in the Finder and press the Space bar. An elegant transparent window appears, showing you the contents of the file instantly. Its great when youre looking for something specific but dont have time to open lots of files to find it.


See everything.
Quick Look works with nearly every file on your system, including images, text files, PDF documents, movies, Keynote presentations, Mail attachments, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. To see a file in Quick Look, you simply tap the Space bar or click the Quick Look icon in the Finder window. You can view the file in full screen, and you can open the application that created it with a double-click. Best of all, Quick Look works even if you dont have the application that created it — perfect when a colleague sends you a document that you couldnt otherwise open.

A Quick look back in time.
You can use Quick Look to your advantage when youre searching for files to restore in Time Machine. Once you locate the file youre looking for, use Quick Look to verify its contents before restoring it to the desktop.

View attachments, no detachment.
Quick Look also works in the Mail and iChat applications in Mac OS X. Say you receive a message with a bunch of attachments. Instead of downloading and opening each one, you can use Quick Look to see them with a click. Its great for viewing PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and other files. You can even view attached photos as a slideshow and add them to your iPhoto library with ease.