Royal Wedding Castle Playset

 Royal Wedding Castle Playset
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Product Description

Celebrate the royal MY LITTLE PONY wedding of PRINCESS CADANCE and SHINING ARMOR ponies with the PONY PRINCESS WEDDING CASTLE playset. All the excitement of the pony wedding comes alive with this castle playset featuring an elegant staircase, swinging bench, and balcony for the prince and princess, and lots of fun wedding accessories!


2 Pony Figures!

Comes with bride and groom ponies!
Wedding Accessories!

15+ wedding and party accessories included!

Everything for a Beautiful Wedding!
It's the royal wedding day for the beautiful princess pony bride and the handsome groom. And there is no better place to have the pony wedding than this spectacular PONY PRINCESS WEDDING CASTLE set from MY LITTLE PONY toys. Girls can prepare their ponies for the big day with lots of wedding accessories, right down to the wedding rings. The PONY PRINCESS WEDDING CASTLE set also has plenty of play features including a swinging bench, staircase, balcony, spinning butterfly and a door that opens and closes.


Here Comes the Bride!
With the PONY PRINCESS WEDDING CASTLE set from MY LITTLE PONY brand, girls can create the royal wedding of their dreams. They can experience all the excitement, starting with dressing the bride, PRINCESS CADANCE pony, and the groom, SHINING ARMOR pony, to setting the table with the wedding cake and flowers, and then walking the happy couple through the castle door and up the staircase to the balcony. There are so many accessories and places to play around the castle that little girls can imagine and create a royal pony wedding over and over again.


A Royal Pony Wedding!
WEDDING CASTLE set that will make this royal pony wedding one to remember. It comes with everything little girls need to create their pony wedding, including crowns, rings, a wedding cake, teacups, a piano for the party, 2 pony figures, and much more! A swinging bench, opening and closing door, and a spinning butterfly are castle features that add to the exciting day.

What's In The Box?
Castle playset, bride and groom pony figures, butterfly, comb, 2 teacups, teapot, wedding cake, table, bouquet, piano, purse, tuxedo, groom crown, bride crown, dress, 2 rings, necklace, chandelier and sticker labels.