Audiovox ECCO Personal Pocket GPS Locator

Audiovox ECCO Personal Pocket GPS Locator
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Product Description

  • Keychain style handheld navigator takes you back to a specific starting point--your car, campsite, hotel, trail, dock, house, etc.
  • Ultra-sensitive GPS searches up to 32 satellites within 60 seconds and triangulates the three best to lock in the starting point
  • Displays distance and direction, with a simple arrow to guide user in real time--a press of a button gives you latitude and longitude
  • Charges in 1.5 hours via USB, and provides about 10 hours of typical use or 16 full days on standby
  • Store and instantly recall up to three locations, with a distance of up to 9,999 miles
  • Condition: Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90 days
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