Bamboo Collection Colora

Bamboo Collection Colora
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Product Description

From the Bamboo Collection of Hape International

Here's a thinking game. (Actually five games in one.) Fun to play & fabulous in presentation, wherever you place Colora, it will draw attention and challenge mental prowess. Adults & children alike can't help but be pulled in!

Colora is a game that develops logical thinking & visual/spatial abilities. Players manipulate vibrant magnetic shapes to understand sequencing, create patterns & design mosaic-like pictures. Truly an open-ended challenge.

Brilliantly colored, with incredible strength . . . Magnetic bamboo squares & triangles on a magnetic platform. Each shape has an upper surface with wave-like variances in its height. (Smooth natural curves inspire a higher level of thinking & creative play when you try to match height of adjoining pieces.)

Colora contains 8 square & 16 triangular-shaped magnetic bamboo tiles in an assortment of brilliant colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue & Magenta. The magnetic board is black with light natural wood fitted at each corner.

5 Colora games (3 levels of difficulty and great fun) for 1 or 2 players. Included in the instruction booklet you'll find: 2 Beginner Challenges, 2 Mid-Difficult Challenges, & 1 More Difficult Challenge.

As an added benefit, consider the International flavor of The Bamboo Collection. Created in cooperation with UNESCO; The United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization gathered designers, teachers & technicians of more than 15 nations to participate in the development of these smart toys made from natural bamboo. Bamboo-indigenous to many countries-is an extremely fast growing giant grass that is easily renewable when harvested. This new use of bamboo will provide stimulus for economic growth & support for many people across the globe.

  • A Whole New Level of Thinking, Creativity & Possibilities
  • 5 Games in One!
  • 8 Square & 16 Triangular Magnetic Tiles
  • Made of Natural Bamboo-Appealing to the Touch
  • Smooth Natural Curves Along Top Surface of Pieces Integrate Greater Challenge
  • Vivid Pieces: Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue & Magenta
  • Black Magnetic Board with Natural Wood Fitted at each Corner
  • A Comprehensive Booklet with 3 Levels of Challenge
  • For 1-2 players
  • Ages 4+