BedLounge Reading Pillow

BedLounge Reading Pillow
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BedLounge - - Introducing the BedLounge®: a must-have for everyone who reads, works, or watches TV in bed. Built like fine furniture with hand-crafted construction details, BedLounge is the better way to lounge in extraordinary comfort. Layer upon layer of foam and soft fiber deliver exquisite comfort and support. The BedLounge lets you sit upright in bed superbly supporting each area of your upper body: arms, low back, shoulders, upper back, neck, and head. And unlike other bed chairs, BedLounge is lightweight and easy to store. Handy fabric ties allow the arms to be folded for compact storage.

THE PROBLEM WITH PILLOWS ... Pillows have a problem. They settle and compress as you recline in them. It is nearly impossible to get consistent back, neck, arm, and shoulder support with pillows. With any arrangement of pillows, the minute you move you start to lose your support system. Several hours of unsupported lounging strains your back and reinforces poor alignment and body posture, which affects breathing by reducing lung capacity. When sitting in the BedLounge, you are sitting upright and supported.

THE HEADREST PILLOW rotates through a full 90 degrees. It tracks the position of your head and neck as you move from reading to watching TV (or anywhere in between) and maintains a gentle, nestling support to your neck and head. Adjustable-height feature lets you position the headrest to the proper neck height, to your exact support and comfort level.

ADJUSTABLE FEATHER & DOWN POSTURE PILLOW is easily positioned to any spot on your lower back. Place the pillow exactly where it feels best and provides the greatest level of support.

PIVOTING ARMRESTS not only hug you, giving you that perfect enveloping fit, but also swing aside for easy access in and out of bed. They support upper body and lower back, distributing the weight load of your body and helping to reduce the strain on your head, neck, and shoulders.

BUTTONED POCKETS store magazines, remote controls, baby bottles, reading glasses, pens, pencils, calculator, the Sunday Times - - whatever you need is right at your side.

Cotton cover is removable and washable.

Rigid, ultra-lightweight and rugged plastic frame is a marvel of engineering and very nearly indestructible. You can toss it off your bed and bounce it off the floor repeatedly without harm. Dimensions: 21"L x 22"W x 16"H; weighs 6.5 pounds. 1 year mfg. warranty; lifetime warranty on internal frame. Sorry, no gift wrap on bed lounge.

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