Bell & Howell Sunlight Lamp / Table Top model

Bell & Howell Sunlight Lamp / Table Top model
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Product Description

Natural Light, Anytime time of day, Anywhere in the house!!!!!

The Bell & Howell Sunlight Lamp could be the most important advance in lamps since the invention of the light bulb! It simulates outdoor sun light, which is balanced across the entire spectrum of color visible to the human eye.This is the clearest, whitest, and brightest lamp we have found. Colors look more vivid and true to life. Black and White contrast is improved, and details can be easier to distinguish.

Soft and pure white light spreads evenly across your personal space. So you see more comfortably for reading, working, and all close up tasks and hobbies. There is virtually no glare, making this the perfect companion light for computer work.

The supplied high-tech 27 watt bulb gives as much light as an ordinary 150watt bulb but uses less energy. The bulb can last up to 5x longer than other bulbs for years of normal use.