Belkin Rockstar Multi Headphone Splitter

Belkin Rockstar Multi Headphone Splitter
Item# B00475K64E_H
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Product Description

  • 3.5mm headphone adapter splits line into five 3.5mm ports
  • Connect up to five headphones to one device for sharing music with friends
  • Mix music by connecting multiple music players at once
  • Belkin F8Z274ttP iPhone Mini Stereo Dub Cord 3.5MM Stereo
  • One hard-wired connection for your MP3 player
  • Five jacks for attaching headphones or iPod devices
  • Mixing and fade-ins controlled by the standard controls of each MP3 player
  • lso works with all MP3 and portable DVD players
  • Condition: Re-newed
  • Warranty : 90 days