Bike Stereo Audio Amplifier Speaker

Bike Stereo Audio Amplifier Speaker
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Product Description

Great Workout
There is no question that music can pump us up. And the more pumped up we are while working out, the better results we are going to get from working out. Whether you are inspired by “Eye of the Tiger” or “Chariots of Fire” the Mobile Theme Music Sound System is the perfect accessory for your iPod ® or MP3 Player. The durable case houses not only a great sound system but a compartment where you can store your favorite player. You'll needed it when you start taking on those trails you have never imagined possible on your brand new mountain bike. Or maybe you will find yourself strapping the Mobile Theme Music Sound System to your favorite weight machine so you can get yourself fired up. Create a play list of your most inspiring music and elevate your workout to the next level.

Sound, Storage, and Portability
The Mobile Theme Music Sound System is the most portable sound system you can find. It easily secures around any bicycle handlebar, giving you great and inspiring sound as you power your way up the steepest of hills. Unzip the Mobile Theme Music Sound System and you will find a compartment for storing not just your favor media player but also maybe some trail mix or a energy bar. And nothing will beat the portability. Secure it to your handlebars with the strong Velcro straps. Secure it to a barbell at the gym. Secure it to the volleyball post at the beach. Secure it to the cage of your all-terrain Go Kart. Anywhere you can go, the Mobile Theme Music Sound System will follow. Take it with you on long road trips. Take it with you to the gym. Take it with you everywhere because you want everyone to know your theme music.

  • Measurements: 8"x3.5"x4"
  • Weights: 0.3lbs

Condition: New