2400-Calorie Food Bars (30 bars)

2400-Calorie Food Bars (30 bars)
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Product Description

These ready–to–eat, non–perishable food bars are an important source of energy in a severe emergency of disaster. They are U.S. Coast Guard approved and have a 5–year shelf life, reducing the need for replacement and lengthening the life of any emergency kit.

These bars taste like cookies and are non thirst–provoking.  Each bar contains 12 individually wrapped 200 calorie servings.  The 200 calorie portions provide important portion control for groups or individuals in an extended emergency.

In an emergency, each person should eat a minimum of 800 calories a day (4 200 calorie portions). Each 2400 calorie bar provides a three day minimum supply of food for one person. This box of 30 food bars provides a 3–day minimum food supply for up to 30 people. Additional food provides greater energy for each person. Add extra food bars to your LifeSecure Emergency kits for an increased energy supply.


Contents: 30 bars – 2400 Calorie Food Bars packed in corrugated box.

Dimensions : 13in x 9.25in x 8.25in

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