Cheetah C50 Redlight / Speed Camera Detector

 Cheetah C50 Redlight / Speed Camera Detector
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Product Description

The Cheetah C50 GPS Detector uses GPS technology to alert you to redlight and speed cameras, and also when you are driving in a high accident area. The Cheetah C50 is very compact, and easy to use. We consider a GPS warning system to be one of the best money saving, defensive items a driver can own. The C50 uses spoken and tone alerts to warn you when you are near dangerous intersections and redlight and traffic enforcement cameras. You can even mark up to 100 locations for your own personal reminders. One of the best features of the C50, you can set 5 speed warning notifications. Never again worry about the local speed trap, or driving too fast in a high risk area. The Cheetah C50 is pre-loaded with thousands of safety camera locations, including red light and fixed positions speed cameras. Cheetah uses the Trinity database, one of the best and most complete redlight and speed camera list available. The databases are constantly updated to be as current as possible. The Trinity database is available for the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Europe. Cheetah's membership package includes database updates via the internet. The C50 also features the ability to output GPS information to a USB compatible device such as a notebook PC. The C50 also has a digital compass and direction alerts. The C50 comes with the Cheetah C50 GPS Detector, magnetic puck, power cord, download cable, and owner's manual.

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