Soleil Sun Alarm Clock Radio SA-3

 Soleil Sun Alarm Clock Radio SA-3
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Product Description

Finally! An alarm clock that effectively can simulate a calm, natural sunrise, which allows you to wake up with a calm and relaxed feeling. The Soleil Sun Alarm Clock SA-3 is particularly effective during fall and winter months when daylight is shortest and the body is exposed to the least amount of natural light. Clinical studies at the National Institute of Health indicate that waking to light has been known to help people with Seasonal Affective Disorder, various forms of depression, and sleep disorders. Problems were overcome with increased daytime energy, limited winter weight gain and by waking up easier. Providing a better waking experience, the Sun Alarm is the key to starting the day on the right foot. Product Features Sunrise Feature Wake with the sun! This feature can be activated at intervals from 0 to 90 minutes, gradually increasing brightness of light to simulate a sunrise. Sunset Feature Activate a "sunset" at intervals from 0 to 90 minutes, gradually decreasing the brightness of light to simulate a sunset. High-Intensity LED Reduced power consumption, lower heat and longer operational life than traditional light bulbs. Digital Display Easy to read LCD clock display. Display light turns off- does not disturb sleep. Snooze Button 5 minute snooze feature. Alarm Wake up with Nature Sounds or your favorite radio station. Nature Sounds Relax to the sounds of gently chirping birds, crickets, flowing water, or an ocean. FM Radio Listen to your favorite station with the built-in FM radio. Lamp Manually dimmable, this versatile lamp can be used as a "mood light", or increased to full brightness. Battery Backup If the power goes out, your settings will be saved. Product Summary LED wake-up light Time and date with alarm function FM radio 10 light levels 4 wake-up sounds; flowing water, ocean, chirping birds, crickets Snooze function Unit weighs less than 1 pound. Runs on 110v AC power. Power cord is 6' long.

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