Bamboo Collection Contina

Bamboo Collection Contina
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Contina! 100% Bamboo, 100% natural, 100% beautiful, 100% strong, 100% smooth, & most of all 100% fun. Brought to us by HaPe International, the 120 colorful tiles of bamboo make a really unique gift or a wonderful diversification to the classic unit block set. An excellent classroom manipulative for small hands.

Ideal for independent or group play, games, classroom manipulatives. . .uses of these rainbow tiles are virtually limitless. For play, try spirals, patterns, bridges, towers, homes, animals. . .just about anything that anyone 4 to 104 can creatively design. The detailed instruction & picture booklet included also provides loads of ideas.

Hey teachers! Limited budget? Need versatility? Durable manipulatives? These tiles are unbeatable as a colorful, classroom manipulative. Measuring 1" wide, 3 3/4" long, 1/4" thick, the pieces are nicely sized. Too big to get lost, but small enough to fit on the desktop. And talk about easy to put away! Colors are vivid. -And the smooth, natural bamboo is so much more pleasant to the touch than plastic.

This set offers 12 tiles of each vibrant color. (120 tiles total). Colors include: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple & Natural.

As an added benefit, consider the International flavor of The Bamboo Collection. Created in cooperation with UNESCO; The United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization gathered designers, teachers & technicians of more than 15 nations to participate in the development of these smart toys made from natural bamboo. Bamboo - indigenous to many countries - is an extremely fast growing giant grass that is easily renewable when harvested. This new use of bamboo will provide stimulus for economic growth & support for many people across the globe.

120 Natural Bamboo Tiles 12 tiles of each vibrant color: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple & Natural Construction & Building Tiles to Use Alone or As a Compliment to Any Traditional Block Set Endless Creative Possibilities An Ideal Manipulative for the Classroom Perfectly Sized for Student Desks; Not Easily Lost Measurement of each tile: 1 inch x 3 3/4 inches x 1/4 inch Design booklet included Ages 4+