ESCAPE-FAST Compact Evacuation Kit.

ESCAPE-FAST Compact Evacuation Kit.
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Product Description

Be secure in moments notice evacuations from buildings, autos, mass transit or anywhere else an emergency may occur.  Recommended for office workers, travelers, commuters, or apartment dwellers. This compact evacuation kit contains emergency water (5–year shelf life), breathing protection, warmth, shelter, communication, and light. The slim protective carrying case is specially designed with an adjustable shoulder strap and centered top zipper to provide hands free movement and easy access to supplies.  Room for personal items such as prescription medications. This compact kit can be stored in desk drawer, nightstand, briefcase, luggage, backpack, tote, purse, or automobile storage compartment.For easier breathing: (1) premium dust mask.  For communication: (1) whistle with lanyard.  For light: (1) 12–hour light stick.  For warmth/shelter: (1) emergency thermal blanket.  For maintaining proper hydration and cleansing mouth, eyes, and airways when dust has been present: (2) 4 oz. emergency water pouches [5–year shelf life – U.S. Coast Guard approved].  (Note: For an explanation of the function and purpose of each of the contents, see the Emergency instructions for kit below.)