RC Ladybug Scooper

 RC Ladybug Scooper
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Product Description

Power up your remote and make your Ladybug Scooper scoot around the floor collecting Orbeez into it's shell. The Ladybug Scooper blinks, lights up and makes chirping sounds as it moves around cleaning up. You can also push the Ladybug Scooper manually to collect all of the Orbeez. After the press of a button, the Ladybug Scooper will dispense the Orbeez to start the fun all over again!

  • Includes 1 Ladybug Scooper with remote control
  • 2000 Orbeez in 10 different colors
  • 16 page full color activity booklet
  • Ladybug Scooper scoots around to help pick up your Orbeez
  • Press a button and the Orbeez are released to start the fun all over again!


  • Condition: Re-newed