ABC is ( Modern Style)

ABC is ( Modern Style)
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Product Description

The ABC is Flipper makes learning the Alphabet as easy as A-B-C. An entertaining and educational tool to help children recognize letters and hear the sounds they make. Visual and auditory recognition of letters are the basic pre-reading skills that lay the foundation for successful reading.

Share in the fun and help build the alphabet skills by pointing to the letters and pictures as you read together. Then, encourage your children to think of other words that have the same beginning sounds as the pictures on the cards. Look for letters on everyday objects such as signs, boxes, magazines, billboards, and menus.

The ABC is Flipper also features a finger alphabet sign on each card that introduces the hand symbols for the 26 letters of the alphabet based on the American Manual Alphabet, and the raised dots of the Braille system.

The text of this product is done in the modern print which is often taught to 3 - 6 year olds. Your child can practice forming the upper and lower case of each letter by writing on the broken lines using a non-toxic dry erase marker or crayon.