Emergency Car/Boat Surviving Kit

Emergency Car/Boat Surviving Kit
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Product Description

The car/boat kit contains a Mainstay Emergency Food Ration, 6ea 1/2 cup pouches of emergency drinking water, a 36 hour candle with matches, a small first aid kit, two hand warmers and an emergency blanket in a #10 can with a P38 can opener taped to the top. The Mainstay food ration contains 12 small bars, enough for 12 small meals each containing 400 calories. These food bars have been especially formulated to take a large amount of heat and abuse, being designed for the Navy's emergency survival kits. This food bar will withstand years of abuse in the hot truck of your car. There isn't enough calories for good body maintenance over a long period of time in a Mainstay bar, but under trying conditions it would keep you going for a couple of days. The candle, containing three wicks, would help to take the chill off a small enclosure, such as the inside of a car and give some light. The emergency blanket is large enough that a couple of people could huddle underneath it if they were sitting on a car seat. The two 6 hour duration hand warmers could be really nice in the cold. We think this little 'kit in a can' will go a long way towards making an overnight stay in a broken down or stuck car much less miserable should the unforeseen happen to you.