Emergency Rotary Charger

Emergency Rotary Charger
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Product Description

When mobile phone is out of battery, A rotary charger lets you top-up your battery by using your hand to wind-up the charger. It is suitable that people like out-doors activity: use it whilst camping, skiing, mountain biking, or on car journeys...anytime you could be stuck with no battery power in your phone. The charger is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs only 2-1/2 ounces. It doesn't require electricity or batteries and can connect to with all major phone types (Nokia, Siemens, Eriksson, Motorola, Sony).

Also each charger consists of an built-in small flashlight function that can be used without any battery. You can use its wind-up action to produce light in dark places. The "wind-up mobile phone charger" is a must for people that run out of battery at some times and places; as it allows them to charge their mobile phone to make that last emergency call. Crank for as little as 3 minutes for approx 3-5 minutes of talk time!


1. No power source is needed. To act as am emergency charger for mobile phones by handle rotation.

2. High-efficiency: To get 3-5 minutes phone call by cranking for 3 minutes.

3. Flashlight function: To be used as an emergency light with built-in LED.

4. Portable size & easy to handle.

5. 6V Voltage DC Limitation.

The "Wind-up mobile phone charger" has many benefits during emergency situations.

It?s small and easy to carry; dimensions are 3x5x6cm. Brand new.

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