Emergency Thermal Radiative Blanket

Emergency Thermal Radiative Blanket
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Product Description

Emergency Thermal Radiative Blanket
Physical Data: 52" by 84" packed in a 3" by 5" by 1/4" plastic bag

  • Made in USA
  • Emergency Protection in all weather
  • Provides Insulation
  • Reusable
  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • 52" x 84"

    The Emergency Thermal Blanket is about 1/2 mil thick which is thinner than a sheet of paper. It is strong and tear resistant. When a tear does develop, however it will easily run. This blanket has a high radiation value for body heat but aside from this has no insulation value. But it is very light and compact and could be easily placed in a back-pack or glove compartment of a car. As it's waterproof, it would do a good job as a ground cloth when laying out sleeping bags or a tent. In an emergency it would keep the wind and rain off and supply some warmth but would not be a good substitute for a regular blanket or quilt.