EVAC-U8 compact smoke escape hood

EVAC-U8 compact smoke escape hood
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Product Description

EVAC-U8 compact smoke escape hood
The EVAC-U8 compact smoke escape hood provides filtered breathable air for up to 15 minutes in any smoke-filled environment. 80% of people who die in a fire were overcome by toxic smoke before they could escape to safety.

Evac-U8 smoke hoods provide basic respiratory protection from toxic smoke, Hydrogen Cyanide, Acrolein and Hydrogen Chloride.

This is a filter only and does not supply wearer with breathable oxygen.

Simply twist the lid off the canister, pull the hood on and breathe through the mouthpiece.

Built into the smoke hood canister is a multi-stage, air-purifying, chemical catalytic filter that removes carbon monoxide and other deadly gases present in fire.

EVAC-U8's transparent Kapton? heat-resistant hood, protects eyes and head from transient flame, allowing you to see and hear. Its superior mouthpiece and positive pressure hood design make it resistant to edge leakage.

Slightly larger than a beverage can, the canister features a powerful luminescent bottom to help you find it in dark or unfamiliar places and helps others find you. Easily mounts on wall near escape route.

It requires little training, maintenance and no fit testing is required. One size fits all. - Not for use by children under age 10.

EVAC-U8 Smoke Hood Features:
  • Easy to use
  • Glow in the dark canister
  • Comes with wall mount bracket
  • Filters out carbon monoxide
  • 15 minutes of breathable air
  • Weighs only 11 ounces