Fire protective coating for home class A - 5 gallon pail

Fire protective coating for home class A - 5 gallon pail
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Covers 1250 sqft per pail (if you want to estimate the required area of the house, imagine your home as a spherical dome, since the dome area is 2 X base area, your exact area is somewhat larger, take 2.5 x base area as a good estimate of your home external area ).

"FX-100? FIRE BARRIER COATING" - INTERIOR CLASS A - is our most powerful fire protection coating. It can be used on many types of porous or non-porous materials. Application may be accomplished by either brush, roller, or spray methods. The coverage rate should be 150-350 square feet per gallon, depending upon the results desired. This product provides the highest level of fire protection due to the formation of an extremely thick insulating barrier when exposed to fire. Therefore, FX-100? Coating can be used to create "fire barrier" or "firewall" systems. In fact, once the FX-100? Coating is activated by the heat of a fire, the coating can expand up to 100 times its dry film thickness. It has been said by one of our customers that "if it will stick to a given surface, it will protect it from fire". Some of the uses are: Wood (raw or painted), Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Foam Materials, etc. If used outdoors, paint over the dried FX-100? Coating with an Exterior Latex Paint for long term protection from weathering. Since there are so many brands and types of paints, it is suggested that, to confirm compatibility, a spot test should be performed: Coat a small piece of wood with FX-100? Coating , and the particular exterior latex chosen as a top-coat. When dry, expose the sample to a flame to assure that the FX-100? Coating expands properly. ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS: This product complies with U.S. Federal Regulations concerning the use of lead in paint AND hydrocarbon emissions. (No PBDEs - Polybrominated diphenyl ethers). Not Harmful to Plants or Animals. Read additional specifications below.