Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket
Item# SLS-97450
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Product Description

Sellstrom Fire Blanket 97452 SLS-97450 Model 390010 is a 4ft x 4ft fire blanket made of tear resistant continuous woven glass fibre filament (asbestos free). Lightweight & Flexible. The blanket (white) is packaged in a wall mount flat pack pouch (single grommet) with two fire-proof pull tabs. The PVC Flat Pack pouch is safety orange and is clearly labelled FIRE BLANKET. Comes in a Safety Yellow Pouch and the blanket is red. Fabricated from 18oz flexible woven silica (glass) cloth. Withstands continuous temperatures of up to 1000F and higher short duration temperatures. It is flexible, ensuring conformity to the contour of the object being covered so that a total 'smothering' effect can be obtained. The blanket (safety red) is packaged in a quick release wall mount pouch. The pouch is fabricated from a heavy vinyl-coated nylon in safety yellow denoting the contents "EMERGENCY FIRE BLANKET". The pouch opening is by means of a hook and loop fastener that allows quick and easy removal of the blanket in one motion. Two grommets are installed to allow the pouch to be hung on the wall. 370263610795aB000LDLA5K