Frigits Deluxe

  Frigits Deluxe
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Product Description

Turn your fridge into a kinetic playground, as marbles and magnets enter the extreme sport of fridge surfing!
This addicting roller coaster ride will have you hungry for more! Position the rails, buckets, serpentine chutes, and ferris wheel anyway you want for the most intense rush!
This award-winning line teaches the principles of inertia, gravity, and blood pressure as your heart pounds with excitement! Give yourself the gift of adrenaline with a Frigits marble run! A toy that is sure to inspire the Rube Goldberg in anyone.
Frigits are wonderful marble run fun for the science classroom. . .teach about simple machines, forces, inertia, kinetic & rotational energy, and expand problem solving skills in the process. Frigits work well on fridges, file cabinets, whiteboards & many blackboards as well.
ages 7
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