86-Piece Magnetic Construction Set

86-Piece Magnetic Construction Set
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Product Description

Product Description

86-Piece Magnetic Construction Set

Geomag's incredibly versatile construction system is based on a simple but very effective concept: Magnetism. This 86-piece magnetic construction set is ideal for creative play among children and adults. Made in Italy, the precision-molded, plastic-coated rods are magnetized with opposite polarities at the ends, which connect using nickel-plated steel spheres to form cool creations. And when you get tired of your work of art, you can take it apart and build a new one!

Hobbyists, teachers, parents and designers will discover endless possibilities for designs and projects that hold children's and adult's attention for hours.

Available in assorted color, you could receive any color.

Educational Advantages:

  • Students will enjoy building simple 2-dimensional shapes like triangles, pentagons and octagons for geometry exercises, or more complex 3-dimensional models of cells or building for science and design projects
  • Teachers will love Geomag's hands-on approach to learning

Decorative Advantages:

  • Adults find Geomag makes the perfect cubicle art or the unique desk accessory

Set Includes :

  • 54 Magnetic Bars
  • 32 Metal Spheres

Ages : 3+

Case Pack5 PIECES
Unit Dimension1.5 H� 8.75 W�9.5 L
Unit Weight2 LBS
  • Condition: Re-Newed