G.I. Joe 2.5 Inch Mission Silent Entry

G.I. Joe 2.5 Inch Mission Silent Entry
Item# AZ_B000EJ9OFO_L

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From the Manufacturer
This mission's goal is to obtain data on a mysterious new COBRA power source. This is Level 6 of a top-secret mission to destroy all COBRA technology. DUKE will be deployed in a high-altitude glider to enter the area silently, when the area will be largely deserted for the night. DUKE must get past the COBRA SKY B.A.T. v.7 troopers that are patrolling the skies around the lab. DUKE will land on the roof of the neighboring warehouse and infiltrate the COBRA lab via an air duct that leads to the main electronic grid, where he will bypass main security systems. Awesome H.A.S.T.E. GLIDER really flies! Place DUKE figure inside! Glider comes with DUKE and COBRA SKY B.A.T. v.7 figures, missile launcher backpack and mission manual.
  • 6 - 12 years