G.I. Joe 2.5 Inch Mission Sky Cycle

G.I. Joe 2.5 Inch Mission Sky Cycle
Item# AZ_B000ETQQX2_L

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
This mission's goal is to infiltrate a COBRA ninja stronghold to obtain the microcontroller for a NINJA B.A.T. robot. This highly classified mission is part of a plan to take out the entire COBRA B.A.T. force. COBRA does not expect an attack from the roof. SNAKE EYES will air jump from the neighboring roof to the stronghold on his NINJA CYCLE. He will reposition the cage for use as a ramp and must achieve maximum speed in order to clear the space between the buildings. Awesome NINJA CYCLE vehicle features exciting rev-and-go action! Change the drop cage into a cool cycle ramp! Vehicle comes with SNAKE EYES and NINJA B.A.T. figures, drop cage/cycle ramp and mission manual.
  • 6 - 12 years