100 psi Heavy Duty Air Compressor: ‘Dynamite’ by Wagan

100 psi Heavy Duty Air Compressor: ‘Dynamite’ by Wagan
Item# RO_WC-2050
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Product Description

Here is one the best small heavy duty DC air compressors available, the Dynamite heavy duty air compressor by Wagan Corporation. It can inflate a 16” tire in only 1.5-3 minutes! Works on all kinds of tires: bike, car, SUV, RV, pickup trucks to 18-wheelers. Just plug it in to your car or truck power outlet and watch it work...fast!

Features include:

• Maximum pressure: 143 psi, working pressure 100 psi
• Flow rate: 35L/min
• Pressure gauge meter
• Continuous usage time: up to 5 hrs continuous
• 2 nozzle adapters (included)
• sports needle for sports balls, etc. (included)
• 12v power cord: 10’
• High pressure air hose: 6’
• Maintenance free
• Weight: 5 pounds
• Warranty:90 days.