Hexbug Nano Habitat Set with 2 Hexbug Nano Units

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set with 2 Hexbug Nano Units
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Product Description

This HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set contains 10 interlocking pieces, including 7 bridges and 3 hex cells, to customize a habitat for your Nano creatures. The Nano is a unique micro robotic creature that behaves like a real bug, propelling itself forward with high-speed vibrations that also cause it to shuffle and flip when it encounters another Nano. Two Nano specimens are included in the set for instant excitement. Add more Nano creatures and create a commotion!


Unique specimens

The HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set comes with 2 specimens to begin or add to your collection. The Nano's unique movements mimic the motion of a real insect. Each Nano species features unique colors, exotic markings and a distinct body shape.

Custom habitat

Use the 4 curved bridges, 3 straight bridges and 3 hexagon pieces in the set to create a custom habitat where your Nano creatures can shuffle, flip and scramble over and around one another.

Innovative design

A rotating counterweight inside the Nano moves the creature up and down several hundred times per second, propelling it forward.

Create a swarm

Add more HEXBUG Nano creatures to your collection and watch the way different species interact. Their twitching, shuffling and tumbling over one another will fascinate kids for hours.
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