How to Play KEYBOARDS & PIANO... instantly

How to Play KEYBOARDS & PIANO... instantly
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An amazing deal on our complete Keyboards & Piano course! Professional musician and music instructor John Derbin teaches students how to PLAY THE PIANO In One Easy Lesson! Great for Piano, Organ, or Electronic Keyboard, our exclusive 16-page "Fast Learning System" book is completely illustrated with large, simple-to-understand diagrams explaining the keyboard layout, notes and rhythm, showing first-time students how to perform a dozen complete songs! In practically no time at all, students can play the accompaniment for the songs they love, including folk, pop, gospel and country, by learning the "Big 3" CHORDS, all the chords you'll need to play thousands of songs (8.5" x 11", 16 pages).

The 30-minute easy-to-follow VIDEO help students learn a dozen songs as they watch, listen, and practice, providing visual and audio demonstrations of each lesson and song in the book (NTSC only).

The 30-minute instructional AUDIO CASSETTE (the audio track from the video) provides all the basic tips, techniques, and shortcuts included in this complete lesson. By itself it provides a simple, quick and easy-to-understand keyboard method, with or without the book.