iLuv IMM178BLK Vibe Plus - Dual Alarm Clock

 iLuv IMM178BLK Vibe Plus - Dual Alarm Clock
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Product Description

iLuv's innovative iMM178 Vibe Plus dual alarm clock makes waking up easier and more enjoyable. Featuring a unique bed shaker with speaker that slips under a pillow, the Vibe Plus awakens even the deepest sleeper with a gentle vibration and the music of an iPod or iPhone, which plays through the shaker's integrated speaker. Enjoy rich, resonant sound from the powerful, built-in speakers and advanced acoustic engineering. Choose from multiple alarm clock settings that offer a wide range of choices in music, alarms, and vibration alerts for a comfortable and reliable sleep and wake experience. The jumbo screen display features a midnight black background with blue pixelated font and icons, which makes the Vibe Plus extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

  • Compatibility (plays and charges): iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G; iPod classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod touch 1G, 2G,3G, 4G; iPhone 1G, 3G, and 4 (AT&T and Verizon)
  • Bed shaker vibrates a bed or a pillow to wake up the heaviest sleepers
  • Time Sync function synchronizes time from your iPhone and iPod
  • Plays and charges your iPhone or iPod.Treble/Bass control
  • Digital dual alarm clock with universal iPod dock
  • Plays and charges your iPhone or iPod
  • Wake to iPhone or iPod, selectable alarm should, FM radio, buzzer, and /or bed shaker
  • Programmable presets for up to 8 FM radio stations
  • Condition: Re-newed
  • 90 days warranty