Kinetic Motion Ferris Wheel Perpetual Machine GI-6559C

Kinetic Motion Ferris Wheel Perpetual Machine GI-6559C
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This awesome display of kinetic energy will take you on a ride and keep you mesmerized for hours! The Kinetic Ferris Wheel start off slowly and builds up until it goes all the way around, using its own generated power to keep it going. Watch the 12 multi colored shiny balls spin just like a real ferris wheel. It's your very own Perpetual Motion Machine. One tap is all it takes to get the ferris wheel spinning and once it starts it doesn't stop!Back and forth it goes until it builds up enough speed to to a complete 360 turn! It's a kinetic art mobile and cool science desk toy all in one. The secret lies in the electromagnet in the base. Try it once, give it a whirl and you'll be hooked and amazed. Item requires (1) 9 Volt battery - which is not included . What you'll get: Kinetic Ferris Wheel 9 x 6.5 x 4 Base Stand 12 Colored Balls Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas: Observe perpetual motion in action. Discover the power of electromagnetic energy. Predict how long it will take for the balls to do a complete 360. Measure the difference of the height you start the spin from and how it affects the rotation.
  • This kinetic sculpture has several brightly colored metallic balls that rotate like a Ferris wheel.
  • Item requires (1) 9 Volt battery
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 8 years and up