LeapFrog Interactive FLY Pentop Computer Bundle Pack

LeapFrog Interactive FLY Pentop Computer Bundle Pack
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Product Description

Editorial Review
Pretty fly for an educational toy! The Fly Pentop Computer is the wave of the future--today. So�what is it? It�s an electronic pen with a brain (a built-in computer processor) and a recorded voice. Tweens (the targeted market) use a fat pen with a tiny optical scanner near the point to draw words, pictures, or codes that the computer reads and responds to. So for example, one can draw a calculator and tap numbers to help figure out algebra homework or how many weeks� worth of allowance will buy another cool FLYware cartridge. With the pen kids can also keep track of schedules (much like a PDA), learn geography, play games, translate languages, and actually lay down tracks on keyboards and drums!

To hear a menu of options, draw an "M" with a circle around it on the special dot-matrix FLYpaper. Tap the drawing with the Fly pen, and wait for the computer to recite menu options, including scheduler, calculator, time, notepad, settings, and games. To select an option, print a check mark to the right of the "M." The computer announces your selection and options.

The fly parts:
Fly takes standard computer methodology and turns it on its head: instead of a mouse and keypad being the input devices and the screen being the output, writing and paper are the input and the speaker is the output. This is more than just a switcheroo of components. The impact lies more in how kids using the Fly will learn. Reading words and numbers on a monitor is very different from putting pen to paper and hearing responses. It�s somehow more interactive. Learning feels more flexible and forgiving.

The wack parts:
you have to hold the pen correctly (don�t block the camera or hold the pen too horizontally), print neatly and appropriately (capital letters, no connected script), and press firmly enough. The pen itself is somewhat ungainly, as compared to a regular Bic, but hey, there�s a whole computer in there, what do you expect? Also, the only paper Fly will respond to is the special dot-matrix "FLYpaper," so you�ll be locked into a purchasing cycle.

The entire Fly introductory kit comes with FLY Pentop Computer, earbuds, carrying case, FLY Launch Pad Guide, charging dock, rechargeable battery, AC adapter, 17 games, 35 FLYpaper pages, 3 interactive FLY-FX cards, interactive map, 1 silver face plate, and 1 AAA Alkaline Battery. Additional paper, accessories, and interactive learning and game cartridges are sold separately.

Product Description
Cross your "t"s, dot your "i"s and then some. A whole LOTTA some. With a built-in processor, optical scanner, voice and its own language, the FLY pentop computer brings "penmanship" to a new level. Write an addition/subtraction problem on special dot-matrix FLY paper and the pen calculates it. Tell it about appointments and FLY reminds you. And check this out: draw drums and a keyboard on the special paper, and FLY actually records what you play. Includes FLY pen-top computer, charging dock, rechargeable battery, AC adapter, earbuds, carrying case, FLY launch pad guide, 17 games, 35 pages of FLY paper, 3 interactive FLY-FX cards, interactive map and one AAA battery. Other add-ons available: software cartridges, games, speakers and more (each sold separately). Note: multiplication/division capability available with the FLY Through Math cartridge (sold separately). For ages 8 yrs. and up.