Sound Oasis S-650 Natural Sounds Therapy System and Alarm Clock

Sound Oasis S-650 Natural Sounds Therapy System and Alarm Clock
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Product Description

Sound Oasis S-650 Sound Machine Therapy System w/ Alarm Clock. Sound Oasis is a unique sound and tinnitus therapy product that allows users to create their very own sound environment conducive to relaxation, sleep and improvement of everyday life. By bathing a room with authentic sounds of nature, Sound Oasis blocks out irritating noises, helps circumvent tinnitus discomfort and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Users fall asleep easier, get higher quality sleep, enhance concentration, and feel more alert and comfortable throughout the day! Sound Oasis is the world leader in sound therapy systems. They are dedicated to making your life healthier and more enjoyable with creative sound solutions that combine superior quality with the very latest technology.

- Ocean Surf
- Woodlands
- Alpha Clouds
- Rain
- Thunderstorm
- Sleep Surf
- Stream
- Energy Chimes
- Delta Voyage
- White Noise
- Tranquility
- Dream Echoes

- 12 amazingly soothing sounds: 6 authentic nature sounds + 6 clinically proven therapy sounds from world renowned doctors.
- Worldâ??s finest sound quality - state-of-the-art digital sound reproduction, extra long tracks
- Change sound theme with patent pending sound card system. 3 titles available: Spa Retreat, Nature Journey & Ear Therapy.
- Alarm clock (backlit) - wake to sound or buzzer.
- Sleep Enhancement technology helps lull users to sleep.
- 4 position timer - 30, 60, 90 min. + continuous with gentle off.
- Pause/resume automatically replays same sound session
- Headphone/sleep pillow jack.
- AC adapter (included) or battery (not included) powered.