auto Life Light

auto Life Light
Item# GS_2-TO275
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Product Description

Super bright LED lights can be seen from a mile away. The auto Life Light might be the most important emergency device you keep in your glove compartment. Ultra bright LED light with five settings will get anyone's attention when help is needed: Strobe, S.O.S., Pulse, Flash and Spectrum. Set it on the ground while changing a tire at night to alert motorists. Or flash it from long distances to get attention during an emergency. High powered Sebbas magnets on the rear allow you to attach it to a metal surface, transforming it from an emergency light to a spot light. Patented Diamond Head Strong special alloy used to fabricate the nuts and bolts on commercial aircraft was used to craft the glass hammer. That gives you the ability to smash through a windshield if the vehicle becomes submerged in water or fire danger threatens the occupants. The case is crafted in water tight ABS shatter proof plastic. Buoyant core allows it to float in water. Built in blade gives it the ability to slice through seatbelts in an emergency. The auto Life Light is the one tool to keep handy in case of an emergency.Availability: Ships directly from the manufacturer.