Original Erik Blaire SlideBelt

 Original Erik Blaire SlideBelt
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Simple. Stylish. Sliding. The all-new SlideBelt for Men, with fully adjustable buckles, simple ratchet design, and high-quality leather. What is a SlideBelt? It is a leather belt that lets you freely adjust the waist size without the limitation of holes in the leather. In fact, there are no holes at all. Patented saw-teeth are intricately sown onto the inside of our foreign leathers - providing robust durability and professionalism. These "teeth" interact with our sleek buckles by use of a small magnet, allowing over 6 inches of size variability. Different variations of our popular belts exist all throughout the world by many names- ratchet belts, holeless belts, click belts, micro-adjustable belts, and others - but in America they are known as SlideBelts.

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  • B006H9TK7M _mai