Polk Audio UltraFit 1000 Headphones

Polk Audio UltraFit 1000 Headphones
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Product Description

Polk Audio's new UltraFit Sports Headphone Series is a rethinking from the ground up of performance, comfort and durability - the three characteristics serious athletes need most in a pair of headphones. Serious music lovers too will value the UltraFit Series because of its undeniably impressive sonic performance. The UltraFit 1000 is similar in design to the UltraFit 500 but with the added feature of a 3 button in-line remote control and a microphone, both of which allow you to use your iPod or iPhone. Like the UltraFit 500, the 1000 is designed to sit in the flange of your ear canal and provide a moderate noise suppression. The UltraFit 1000 also comes with a short (14") hassle-free and tangle-free cable for MP3 sleeve and collar connections.

  • High Performance Digital Sound - Surprising detail and fidelity to maximize performance
  • 3 Button Remote Control & Microphone - Use your iPhone and iPod on the fly with in-line controls.
  • SecureFit Support - Exercise or play knowing your headphones will stay comfortably in place.
  • Ultra Flexible Tangled-Free Planar Audio Cables - Avoid cable tangle and unwanted microphonics with oxygen-free cables in two custom lengths.
  • StrainGuard - Kevlar core and computer designed transitional connections eliminate cable failure