AlcoMate Premium (AL7000) Breathalyzer, BASIC Pack

AlcoMate Premium (AL7000) Breathalyzer, BASIC Pack
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Product Description

AlcoMate Premium AL7000 includes a new PRISM breathalyzer that DOES NOT require Recalibration. Operates w/ semiconductor-oxide sensor, 4 digit back light display,one-way-flow mouthpieces, and more. Great for Professionals and Consumers.

The AlcoMate Premium (AL-7000) is our new flagship breathalyzer that combines advanced PRISM (Precalibrated Replaceable Intelligent Sensor Module) technology, to eliminate the need for calibration. Its modern design provides professional accuracy and  is convenient and is an easy-to-use device. The AlcoMate Premium breathalyzer is suitable for health and law enforcement professionals, as well as pro-sumers seeking a top-notch product. A mouthpiece is required - just blow into the sensor and your BAC is displayed in seconds on the easy to read LCD screen. This model is easy to use and affordable.

BASIC Pack Includes:


  • Alcomate Premium Breathalyzer
  • AA Batteries (x2)
  • Mouthpieces (x5)
  • Poch
  • Handstrap



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