Rockabye Rocking Elijah Elephant

 Rockabye Rocking Elijah Elephant
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Our luxurious, high-quality baby rockers are designed, developed, and manufactured under the highest standards of style and craftsmanship. Our characters embody the whimsical world of discovery that marks the first years of baby's life. No doubt, these characters will become a mainstay in your child's life. Just like the children we design them for, each of our rockers has their very own unique style and personality. We've gone to considerable lengths to provide the highest quality music for your child. Each rocker features an arranged medley of classical music that you're sure to recognize AND enjoy! With textures, sounds, music, and activities, each of our rockers provides hours of discovery and fun. So much fun, kids won't even realize they are imporivng their physical and cognitive development. We search the world over to find the perfect fabric for each of our special creations. Some are velvety soft, others are silky smooth, but we choose unique fabrics to match the characteristics of each individual rocker, making our rockers loveable and huggable. Each piece is hand-crafter from teh finest imported European woods and assembled and inspected right here in the USA. The natural variations that appear in the wood adds tothe unique beauty of each rocker. The rockers average 24L x 12W x 17H, with some variation depending on the character and configuration. They are designed for children ages 9 months and up. They accommodate children up to 80 pounds. They are made to last decades, not just years. They are sponge washable and easy to maintain!