LifeSource UC-321 Precision Personal Health Scale

 LifeSource UC-321 Precision Personal Health Scale
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Product Description

The UC-321 provides ultra precise weight results in your home. These scales can measure to the tenth of a pound. Even the slightest increase or decrease in weight from an object like a cup of coffee or glass of water registers on this scale. This benefits more than just people who are dieting. The scale is extremely useful for diabetics and athletes who need to closely monitor and control their body weight within a certain range. In addition, parents can easily measure the weight of their infants with a function that subtracts the weight of the adult when holding the child. The UC-321 contains our latest technology in a stylish and low profile body and is one of the thinnest and lightest personal scales you can buy. Measuring less than 1.5" thick, this scale is easy to step on and store. This new scale is not just more precise, but is also more functional than conventional scales. You can set a target weight and it will tell you the difference between your actual and target weights. Additionally, you can store up to 31 readings in memory and recall the stored values to review weight history. This personal scale also calculates a persons Body Mass Index. Body Mass Index takes into consideration an adult's weight-to-height ratio to determine if he or she is overweight.