Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light, White

 Verilux Rise and Shine Natural Wake-up Light, White
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Product Description

The Rise and Shine Wake-Up Light provides the external cues required to regulate circadian rhythms and maintain healthy sleeping and waking patterns without drugs and stimulants. The Wake-Up Light helps you fall asleep and wake with a harmonious blend of light and sound therapy, increasing your quality of sleep. This specially-designed dawn and dusk simulator dims or brightens while decreasing or increasing volume to create a natural sleep and wake-up experience. The Rise and Shine Wake-Up Light helps you to fall asleep naturally and wake feeling rested and revitalized.

  • Light gradually brightens and volume gradually increases to wake you gently and help normalize natural sleep patterns
  • Sleep mode feature slowly decreases lamp's intensity and sound volume to aid in falling asleep peacefully and gradually
  • Wake to your choice of four natural soundscapes or FM radio stations; Dual alarm with snooze feature
  • Drug-free alternative for addressing sleeplessness, fatigue and lethargy
  • Select from 20 levels of light intensity


  • Condition: Re-Newed