Residential Grid-Tie Solar Electric 1000W system

Residential Grid-Tie Solar Electric 1000W system
Item# NU_1000Wpannel

Product Description

  • Our 1000 watt Solar System allows 1200 watts of solar modules to be connected to the utility grid. This system includes twelve 100 watt panels, a AEI GC-1000 1000 watt inverter, a PV roof/ground rack, ground fault protection and array interconnect wire. Components are UL Listed.

  • AEI GC-1000 1000 watt inverter

    The Advanced Energy Inc. GC-1000 1kW grid-connected inverter is the cost-effective solution for connecting PV modules directly to the utility grid without the use of batteries. Combinable to 2 and 3kW and designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this complete inverter package meets all code requirements in providing maximum efficiency, reliability, and ease of installation. As a highly affordable alternative to the environmental costs of fossil fuels, the GC-1000 allows ratepayers to begin generating a portion of their own electricity from "green power". Includes string combiner, GFI protection, DC and AC disconnects, and AC Silicon Oxide surge protector. Installation by other than a licensed electrician will void the warranty. UL Listed, 5-year warranty. Rated 1000 watts continuous, 100Vdc maximum input, weighs 41 lbs, dimensions 29" x 8" x 6.5".

  • PV Roof/Ground Rack

    Solar photovoltaic module mounting rack suitable for either ground or roof mounting. Adjustable to achieve optimum tilt angle for maximum solar efficiency. Durable and made from long lasting materials. Fast and easy assembly.

  • Shipping Weight: 344 lbs.