AT&T TL96271 Handset Landline Telephone

AT&T TL96271 Handset Landline Telephone
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Product Description

The AT&T TL96271 DECT 6.0 telephone with its push for talking mechanism involves the use of DECTs 6.0 technology. Also facilitating connection to cell phones having by means of Bluetooth; the 2 handset cordless telephone enables downloading of six thousand cellular phone entries. The entries download into the handset. Enabling digital recording of fourteen minutes time; the expandable cordless telephone gives you the freedom to shift between cell calls and those coming from home or landline. The PTT placed on its side serves the use of AT&T Tl96271 DECT 6.0 telephone like an intercom. The provision for callers information details is another of its advantageous features. Equipped with a quality audio one of the biggest advantage of this handset lies in its easy accessibility to multi pronged communication.

  • DECT 6.0 Digital Technology
  • Connect to Cell technology allows you to make and receive cellular calls
  • Make and receive calls on cell phone plans while utilizing the ease and comfort of a home phone system
  • Down load up to 6,000 Cellular Phonebook Entries to the Cordless Handset
  • 90 days warranty